Are Facebook’s Community Standards Pro-Fascist?

By Howard Crane

Published November 5, 2018

Filed under Politics Society & Culture

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it

— Misattributed to George Santayana

It’s now passe to say Social Media giants are so censor-happy that legitimate free speech and inoffensive material gets caught in the dragnet – but we have to keep saying it until the message is driven home. Here’s an example.

This is extremely suspicious, especially given that Facebook along with other major and minor Social Media platforms are awash with indecent images of children and stolen images of children, which don’t get removed despite the software and processing power available to detect ACTUAL offensive material. How exactly did I get locked out of Facebook for posting a quote by an historical figure? Did some random drifter flag it out of malice and a non-thinking employee enforce the ban just because they saw Adolf Hitler?

The other possibility is that Facebook would just rather we forgot about Hitler altogether – who he was, what he did, and – most importantly – how he THOUGHT. The purpose of my post was to serve as a much-needed reminder, lest we forget, of the path which leads to autocracy and political oppression. Perhaps the-powers-that-be who are ultimately behind Silicon Valley would rather we remain ignorant of history so they can become the Hitlers of the 21st Century themselves.