One Good Reason to Vote “No” on the 26th

For the second time (and not the last) we’re being asked to amend our Constitution in a single year. Why vote “No”? Because a “Yes” is pointless.

In the English-speaking world we are all very familiar with the American Constitution granting its citizens the right to unrestricted free speech unless it involves a direct incitement to violence or other criminal behaviour – that doesn’t exist in Ireland or most other Constitutional Republics. We do, however, have that freedom in practice within very reasonable limits. For that, and another glaringly obvious reason, voting “Yes” this month will not guarantee that freedom any further.

Article 40.6.1 – Before Amendment

The publication or utterance of blasphemous, seditious, or indecent matter is an offence which shall be punishable in accordance with law

Article 40.6.1 – After Amendment

The publication or utterance of seditious or indecent matter is an offence which shall be punishable in accordance with law

What’s the difference? I would argue none as the article will still contain the highly-interpretive term “indecent matter”, which nobody could effectively argue in Court is NOT a synonym for “blasphemy.” Nobody can tell you what “indecent matter” means because it doesn’t mean anything – and a legal term which doesn’t mean anything can potentially mean ANYTHING the State, prosecutors, any other body can successfully argue it as – i.e. Blasphemy.

A successful “Yes” vote on the 26th of October will amount to nothing more than us amending our Constitution for a second time in one year – an extremely rapid pace of fundamental change usually only seen after an extremist political regime takes over a country. Meditate on that a while.

Have We Even Had a Conversation?

I’m asking you – have you had a conversation with somebody you don’t agree with on this matter? I know I haven’t. It feels like just yesterday we removed the recognition of the unborn’s right to life, and here we are on number 2 of 8, planned, radical referenda without us catching our breath or having experienced the outcome of the last decision. Objectively speaking, this is bonkers.

A Constitution is a vital thing. It’s supposed to be a reliable foundation which restricts legislators and Courts from abusing its citizens, not just another layer of legislation to be rejigged by each generation that comes along having never studied it or had their philosophical assumptions about it tested. So I ask my readers to please consider the following and pose this to your friends and family: what will 8 successive amendments do to your national attitude towards the very idea of a Constitution? Will this vital institution be seen as less meaningful and not worth defending?

The Gradual Sexualisation of Children

In the periphery of our vision children are coming to be seen and consequently accepted as sexual beings. Our environment is being slowly altered to facilitate that change and what older generations find offensive, the younger generations will have grown up surrounded by and take for granted. To say this is a grand conspiracy would be to jump the gun, but the fact remains that there are influential people who welcome these changes.

“Love Has No Labels” is a campaign by the Ad Council promoting the diverse forms of love and end bias.

My journey to writing this started when I shared the above picture from the “Love Has No Labels” campaign on Facebook asking “what the f*ck?” which I got backlash for when I suggested that this is sexualising the 5-or-so year olds depicted basically in pajamawear. The statement on the image “Love Has No Race” highlights how strange this image is as both girls are clearly of the same race – they’re Europeans. Given that many people, some powerful and influential, are promoting love between children and adults (the wrong sort of love), it’s plainly obvious to me that this image may very well be promoting that agenda. You could say “Well why doesn’t the image show a girl with a grown man?” My answer is, gradualism. Such a depiction would shock and enrage people – we’re not “ready” to see that. Why I have to argue that this image is even just a little bit inappropriate is beyond my comprehension. What looks innocent and sweet to us could possibly look inviting to a particular kind of pervert.


I went looking for examples of this sexualisations of children with a simple Google search and decided I’d be better off compiling the examples in an article instead of casting my pearls (effort and conviction) before swine – no offense Facebook Friends, but you’re missing context and wouldn’t benefit from it.

Sexualisation in Advertising

I’ve gotten tired of searching, researching, and looking at this blasted things. I’ll add more later. If you know of any sinister ad copy out there, pass it along in comments or through our Contact Page.

Notice how the most egregious incidences are clustered around 2011 to 2015. What was going on for those 5-6 years?

French vogue – circa 2011


love’s baby soft (1975)

Love’s Baby Soft – 1975


American apparel

This company had a few particularly sinister ad campaigns over the years, which drew ire. Notice particularly in this first set of images how the girls are either in a submissive position (the girl on the bottom right is actually in the position a woman takes to increase likelihood of conception after sex) or has something in or near her mouth.

Many of these girls are under 18, and these ones are particularly crude.



This looks…. positively “rapey.” This picture is cut off at the bottom because she’s clearly underage and what’s down there is pretty damn illegal, I’m sure.

2013 – “Summer Basics”

How old do you reckon she is? She looks of-age, but I thought I’d throw this in for good measure.

2014 – “The Sexualisation of Schoolgirls”


Submarine swimwear

Really… come on.

oh, lola perfume

Notice on the right-hand image she has the bottle between her legs – a bottle with a flower on top. Potent symbolism. On the left they have her in a supine, almost necrotic, pose.

Roger david – mens clothing line – circa 2011

Why does a men’s clothing company need a young girl in their ad copy? They don’t, because they’re selling men’s clothing. Notice again, the gagging of the mouth. Also notice on her shoulder is a bar code tattoo reading “slave.”

A statement from Roger David:

“The union jack badge and the heart shape are references to the fact that “New Love Club” is a United Kingdom menswear clothing company. New Love Club uses a heart as one of its motifs. The woman used in the campaign was 18 years of age at the time that the photograph of her was shot.”

Sexualisation in Marketing/Products

The toys and products we grow up with are part of our environment and thus inform our reality. You’d be amazed how many of them are sexually suggestive.

Dora the Explorer Aquapet – circa 2006

Winnie the Pooh – date unkonw

E.T. Finger Light – 1982

“Funtime Tumblers” – various years

In case you don’t understand what these are, they’re plastic cup/flask things. The child sucks on the protruding piece of plastic that unmistakably looks like a penis.

Wolverine Squeaky Hammer

“Interesting” place to have the air plug.

Harry Potter’s Vibrating broomstick

This toy was particularly popular… in some sex shops.

Batman watergun – year unknown

This looks to be a 90’s toy, going by the quality of the colour and the style of Batman being unmistakably Adam West.

The Punisher Shape Shifter (on or before 2009)

The Oozinator – 2005

A giant phallic gun that shoots ooze when a kid pumps it. If you don’t understand how demented this toy is, I suggest watching the commercial below and then the AV Club’s parody of the marketing meeting.

Children’s Coat-hanger – year unknown

A fixture for the back of a door or a wall with a penis as the hook.

Fr-ooze Pop – Year Unknonw

The commercial for this looks like the 90s. It’s a sugar lollypop that shoots ooze out of the middle when children suck it. Look at this commercial. The “Mad Scientist” character hands them to the kids, appears to be in some kind of ecstatic state, and between 4 and 5 seconds a red mist shoots out of one of them as the kids approach. Oh yeah, and it’s looks like a f***ing penis!

Pole Dance Doll Kit – Year unknown

This toy can’t be confirmed to be sold anywhere, but I’d like to quote another blog below.

But either way, are we really so surprised? The scene in 2004’s Mean Girls when high-school queen bee Regina’s little sister pumped her tiny grade-school booty to Kelis’s salacious hit “Milkshake” was meant to be satirical; these days, it feels increasingly real.

From Miley Cyrus’s infamous pole-assisted gyrations at the recent Teen Choice Awards to club-ready clothing lines for grade-schoolers like Beyonce’s Dereon Girls, it seems that pop culture is constantly fighting to shorten or even obliterate an ever-briefer age of innocence. – A pole-dancing doll for kids? Well done, toy manufacturers of the world!


If you ever wanted to know whether television and popular culture informs the reality of children, this trash was peddled to them from 2001. Now look how many of them dress almost 18 years later.

The Beauty Pageant Television Phenomenon

Beauty Pageants for little girls had been criticized for years for their blatant sexualisations of children – mainly by their own parents. So what did they do? They made it into a television sensation. All of these girls are real, by the way. Not dolls.

“Kids'” Clothing

I put quotes around Kids’ because these aren’t for children, and to be fair only the scum of the Earth for parents would be these things for their little girls.

Who needs credit cards

This is an abomination. In case you’re still ignorant of this aspect of Human relationships, it’s general knowledge that a woman simply has to spread her legs to get her way in life. Why should a little girl even have to consider that?

Twisted tees (uk) Tassles T-Shirt for kids – Circa 2015

Abercombie Kids Push-Up Bra

A padded bra for girls around 7 years old.

Isabella Barrett & Gia Giudice December 29, 2011 Reality Weekly OK! Magazine Launch Party & Fashion Show

Bikinis for Kids

I don’t know what the f**k this is, but it’s disgusting.

Who needs brains when you have these

Have what, exactly? You’re TEN!

Do I make you look fat?

Not overtly sexual in of itself, but introducing young girls to sexual competition with other women… come on.

The Underage Model Boom

At some point after the turn of the century it suddenly became okay to have young girls “model” skimpy clothing. The thing is, there’s so much more underage “modeling” going on than there is underage models being used to sell clothes. The reason for this is simple – perverts. Otherwise known as paedophiles. Apparently, none of our governments have outright banned children “modeling” skimpy clothing and bathing suits – but in a “too little, too late, assholes” move, Vogue and other fashion giants have pledged not to use “size zero or underage models” anymore in 2017. I’d say the damage is done as certain deranged or hopelessly f*cking stupid parents out there still sell their children as “models” to “photographers”, and under that guise parents unwittingly loan their children to “photographers” who have their children pose in disgusting and illegal ways, leaving them alone with these creeps to be groomed. I remember reading such an account online from a mother and am having trouble digging it back up.

Underage models encouraging paedophilia, ex-supermodel says –


Ireland’s Pedo-Hunters Don’t Understand Law

Granted, this headline is a bit of a bait, but the issue is quite serious and would make for an unattractive headline.

I quite enjoy watching live feeds of “pedo-hunters” confronting men who thought they were meeting children in public places. I also appreciate the time put into the researching, decoying, and traveling, as well as the emotional and mental damage this work inflicts. However, the work of Child Protection Awareness has been worrisome lately in regards to some aspects of the law.

As CPA continues its path, the volunteers are coming more into contact with the Gardaí (police) with many of these exchanges being unfriendly and sour. This has caused our heroes to become angry with and suspicious of the Gardaí – and I predict that this will lead to the uncovering of corruption in the force. This is especially apparent in tonight’s broadcast where a paedophile (perhaps in tandem with some family members) had been grooming CPA and other decoys since January (2018) with no noticeable actions taken by Detectives at Tullamore Garda Station.

Click to watch the video on Facebook

In the above video CPA confront the two brothers of their target outside of their home in Portlaoise. As per proper procedure, the Gardaí were called. Upon their arrival it was expected that they pull the man out of his house and immediately investigate him (much like what happens on their open-air public stings). Despite Tullamore Garda Station having been given evidence over the past 4 months, Portlaoise Gardaí weren’t informed of the damning information. At first CPA held this against the attending Garda they were speaking to, as if it was his problem or deficiency. This is where my first problem come up – CPA are riling up an angry online mob. The amount of insults in the comments section concerning this patient and well-spoken Garda was astonishing. The man was very respectfully explaining the due process of Law which didn’t allow him to simply bust down a citizen’s door and arrest him, because he wasn’t given the required evidence to necessitate doing so. Yet because this Garda didn’t breach this Republic’s Constitution by violating a private Irish home, he was somehow not doing his job correctly and was one of the worst people alive in the country. This is a dark path for a society to go down.

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Due process is important in our European societies. If we make exemptions for particular kinds of people, that will easily be abused by individuals and the government to breach all of our rights.

People need to separate the Garda from the Gardaí. Especially CPA as they act as role models for their Facebook followers. Many a Garda will be rude, evasive, and sometimes intimidating, but not all of them are like this. The Garda in the above video was not like this. There is a corruption and possibly a collusion problem in the Gardaí itself when evidence isn’t followed up on and passed to the relevant Garda station. This individual Garda could potentially be an ally within that station, but is less likely to be if he were to read what everyone was saying about him.

Another issue that needs pointing out was brought up by this Garda – such livestreams could cause a mistrial. Louise from CPA answered that potential jurors during selection could be asked if they saw the livestream or not. For one reason or another he decided not to argue the point, but I will. CPA videos/stings get anywhere between 50,000 and 360,000 views (in a country of 4.8 million people). Not to mention that many criminal cases don’t involve a jury, an individual juror doesn’t even need to see the video. Many cases fail because the defendant has been made into a national media phenomenon. As much as I love watching these stings out of some unknown morbid drive, I have to raise the alarm that these could become a complication in the future.

Ireland’s Mosques

The face of Ireland has changed rapidly in the last 16 years, so much so to be unrecognisable in urban areas to visitors from abroad. In 2018 this changed has brought a new challenge to the island: the question of mosques. Allow me to give you a rundown on the latest developments.

Unofficial Mosque Causing Stir

Source: Galway Muslims to appeal refusal to retain mosque – Irish Examiner

A mosque had been in operation in a Galway suburb for roughly a decade (drawing on personal memory). Probably due to a swelling Muslim population, the residential building being used as a mosque has only become an issue in 2017. Locals complained – not out of racism or “Islamophobia” but – because of the amount of traffic on an under-developed and otherwise quiet road. To give you a mental image, the area is right on the edge where suburb meets wilderness. Houses are a few yards apart and the road servicing the area is quite narrow. Residents also pointed out that several people attend and (naturally) make noise as they attend prayer services, other religious functions, and privately meet with the Imam (Islamic clergyman) who lives there. On top of these concerns, the local council also cites the inevitable over-use of the sewage system as it’s not fit for the amount of people who would (naturally) use the crapper there.

The local council has pointed out that the area is zoned as residential and not fit for a religious building. The local Islamic community has entered an appeal for retroactive permission to retain the mosque.

Racist Kilkenny Locals Don’t Want Mosque

The Islamic community intends to build a full-on mosque in Kilkenny, resulting in average residents opposing the proposal. This has resulted in the Chattering Classes insulting the people of Kilkenny as ignorant, racist, “Islamophobic”, and as “Irish Rednecks.” Clearly, a political/cultural agenda is driving these people as the very legitimate concerns of the locals are completely ignored, save by one or two media outlets. On the whole, though, the issue is ignored by the media. On the top of the list of concerns are (most importantly) that the site for the mosque is potentially an Irish “Famine” Grave Site, the traffic will be too dense for the area, and the noise pollution of the frequent daily call-to-prayer. I’d also like to point out the old Christian tradition (now lost and ignored) dictating that the local church’s steeple should be the highest structure.

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A Quick Word on the “Famine”

First of all it should be recognised that what is known as “The Irish Famine” (1845 – 1952) was not a famine at all, which is why I put the word in inverted commas along with the word “Islamophobia.” A famine is the result of failing crops due to climate problems, crop disease, or a lack of manpower to farm the land. Ireland suffered none of these things – we were growing abundant amounts of food. What caused the starvation was the country-wide exporting of our crops and livestock by gun-point. Enough food to feed England four times over. We in Ireland are taught that “the famine” happened because of the potato blight, with the insinuation being that the only crop we grew were potatoes (thus the 150-year old Ethnically-Racist association of Irish people with potatoes). The blight occurred because it was more profitable for the Irish at the time to grow potatoes as they became a form of currency (to pay rent to Absentee Landlords, for example). Naturally, we prioritised the potato crop each season, and due to this the blight was spread (in the same way disease spreads amoung livestock in factory farms). SOME Irish were “lucky” as they were paid with a daily meal if they attended a local manufactory (see: slave labour), but most many starved to death and SOME secretly resorted to cannibalism of neighbours who had died of starvation.

As-of April of the year of this print, planning permission is under consideration of the planning board. A public meeting earlier that month was largely filled with agitated local citizens. The mainstream media took the more incendiary comments and used them as headlines to shame the local community. For example: “The is Kilkenny, not Mecca.”

Two local Sinn Fein (an MI6-created “Republican” party originating in Northern Ireland) Councillors took the opportunity to support the Muslim Community by meeting with them and pledging their support.

While I’m on this subject, I present to you Daniel Bostock with a parody of “Park Life” by The Blurr.

Planned Mosque in Dublin 15

Source: Proposed Dublin 15 mosque will “help all the community”

A Dublin-based neurosurgeon who has received planning permission to build one of the largest mosques in the State has acknowledged there was a lack of public consultation about the project ahead of an appeal by local residents.

Dublin 15 (the Fingal postal code) is due for Ireland’s biggest mosque yet, proposed by Beaumont Hospital’s neurosurgeon, Taufiq al-Sattar. On a Human level this is touching as it’s dedicated to his wife and sons who were victims of an arson attack in England, but on many other levels it is reprehensible. A spokesman for the local community, Darragh Kelehan, said:

“We had many a public meeting, and we invited the doctor [Taufiq al-Sattar] and anybody to do with the Shuhada Foundation to come down to talk to us and they never did. We will be appealing. We can’t just sit down and accept it.”

As you could imagine, the locals have concerns over the usual issues such as traffic and the obnoxious call-to-prayer that will inevitably happen many times per day, but the plan will also involve the felling of 25 mature trees on the property . As of this writing the plan for the mosque is being contested by the local community. If you live in Ireland, please sign the petition to contest the plan.


Literally moments after publishing this article I received Islamic prayer centre in Swords gets the go-head – Irish Times.

The inspector said the prayer centre would increase traffic congestion in the secluded area where it was to be located. The report said the amount of people using the centre was likely to grow with the increasing Muslim population in Ireland, and concluded that the proposal would have a “potential negative impact” on the existing residential area.

However, the board voted by a two-thirds majority against their inspector’s recommendation, and approved the plans.

The article’s main thrust is that “everyone will be welcome in the centre”, but we know by the course of history that this isn’t how things go and eventually Westerners won’t be allowed there at all. Watch the following British documentary from Dispatches for context on what potentially happens in Muslim institutions.


Ireland is on the cusp of what many call “Islamization.” The establishment of medium-and-sized mosques is the beginning. This isn’t racism of “Islamophobia” speaking, it’s a purely cultural observation. When enough people migrate and join a limited population, the nature of that population changes. Today, London has an ethnically-Muslim mayor who shares Muslim-centric views – as demonstrated by his own orders to clamp down on the July 2018 Pro-Trump rallies while allowing free reign to Anti-Trump rallies. Muslims, frankly speaking, are simply superior in this regard to Europeans in terms of their proclivity to work together for their cultural pursuits, while Europeans are busy arguing over regional and political differences. It’s purely a question of sociology. Europe, Britain, and Ireland, may someday become Islamic – not so much because they’ll be majority-Muslim, but because Muslims will be the most unified demographic.

The mosques being proposed in Ireland shouldn’t be challenged simply because they’re mosques – they should be challenged because of the civic issues they violate. They should also be taken by the Irish as a signal that their cultural makeup is being altered radically and should trigger a new national conversation. The only prominent people I see broaching these issues today are Councillor Brian Murphey and, Presidential-hopeful, Kevin Sharkey. I suggest we give them and the local leaders as much support at we can muster.

In closing, the following song by Leonard Chohen (The Future) has never made as much sense to me as it has in the past 2 months.

Unquiet Graves – Uncovering Britain’s Secret War in Ireland

A review and information on “Unquiet Graves”, a documentary by Seán A. Murray, which I attended the screening of today in Galway. The production involved an Irish and English crew and tells the story of collusion between the British military, police, and MI6 with Loyalist paramilitaries, with a particular focus on “The Glennane Gang” responsible for the slaughter of 120 innocent Irish Catholics in the 1970s. Continue reading “Unquiet Graves – Uncovering Britain’s Secret War in Ireland”