Left & Right Unite in response to Tommy Robinson Imprisonment

By Howard Crane

Published May 28, 2018

Filed under Activism Politics

May 25th 2018 – “ironically” the day Irish voters took to the polls to remove rights of unborn from Constitution, Tommy Robinson – anti-Islamofascism and anti-Marxist activist – was arrested while fulfilling journalistic duties: thousands protest in London following court-ordered media blackout. Hundreds protest in Australia – and they’re not “Far Right” as lamestream media brands them as.

Friday, 25th of May 2018, Tommy Robinson was livestreaming outside of a courthouse awaiting the jury to decide whether to convict a gang of child sex groomers when Police descended upon him, claiming he was in Breach of the Peace – an arbitrary legislation known by the same name across all Common Wealth nations which allows Police and Gardaí to arrest when they feel a person or group of individuals are threatening the public peace with their actions. View the video below to make your own subjective determination. (3min 39sec)

Tommy was currently on suspended sentence for defending himself against a politically-motivated attack, thus any arrest whether legitimate or not, results in the resuming of his 13-month sentencing. He has recently reported to his son during a 30-second phonecall (limited so by law) that his life is not in danger as they have placed him in a prison which houses considerable support for him. In any other prison – most notably one with a higher population of radical Islamicists – he would be at immediate risk of assassination.

The summary judgement after his arrest included a denotice to all British media to not report on the arrest and imprisonment.

Meanwhile… the Internet happened… and thousands of protestors took to the streets of London. Thousands more took the streets around England, and hundreds more in Australia. Protesters in London scaled the gates of parliament and clashes with police ensued. Despite mainstream characterization, these were not “Far Right” rallies, but a popular uprising against the abuse of sacred British Common Law – encompassing people from the Left, Right, and in between.

Although “legal”, the arrest was clearly orchestrated by higher-ups in the government above Police. As any arrest, no matter its legitimacy, would result in the resuming of Tommy’s sentencing, it was only a matter of time before they decided to make their move.