Why Hulu Best Renew “The Path”

By Howard Crane

Published April 17, 2018

Filed under Entertainment TV

I’ll make my point quickly, this should stand as a rally-point for those who wish “The Path” to go into season 4, for the benefit of Hulu decision-makers.

If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s worth checking out during your free trial at Hulu. It stars the actor behind Jesse in Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul, as a man with a wife, a home, and kids… and they’re part of “a movement” – the religion of Meyerism. Paul’s character, Aaron, must reconcile his doubts about a religion he married into as a young man. A religion that many after seeing the first season suggested was extremely similar to Scientology. The Scientology link was discounted when show creator Jessica Goldberg was quizzed on it at a conference. The two subsequent seasons still have parallels between Meyerism and Scientology, but draw a broader picture, describing the many layers and deceptions in the operation and history of many cults in the past. The show has excellent writing, acting, and directing, and will keep you tuned in for more.

Why Hulu Should Extend it

Metacritic, the ratings aggregator, has the title at 63 out of 100. The first season fascinated a lot of people, but subsequent seasons weren’t earth-shattering… but let’s face something here – what is “earth-shattering”? I believe television is still stuck in the days when there were only a handful of channels and most of them sucked **** most of the day and almost every day. You don’t get people watching television programs “because it’s on” anymore – the whole point of watching something “because it’s on” is that we’re lazy, which also inhibits us from paying for a Netflix/Hulu/Prime account and seeking out something we normally wouldn’t watch. We’re no longer forced to watch things, which is given us a lot of freedom, but it has prevented countless millions of people watching television shows they’d genuinely like better than the mediocre crude they’re currently watching out of ignorance. We’re in a new age – an age of endless choice, and it sucks a big fat one. Not only for the consumer who is overwhelmed with mediocrity, but for the producers in this new age. Simply put, we can’t find their shows.

Mediocrity has been the destroyer of every civilization the planet has known, and here we sit in our own’s twilight years. Civilization may be ending, but that doesn’t mean capitalism has – to the contrary, greater capitalist wit is called for as Netflix and Disney are gearing up to be competing monopolies. Hulu cannot be left behind. A lot of people reading this are probably wondering “What the fuck is Hulu?”, which proves my point. “The Path” is popular in it’s niche of show interests – cults, drama, conspiracy, Aaron Paul himself – and is probably one of the most popular online streaming shows right now. This is a fanbase that can only grow and can only be spoken about more as time goes by, in the manner it’s spoken about here. It’s two really good seasons away from being “a cult series.” Not so much in the vein of Breaking Bad, but it definitely stands a bigger chance than Amazon Prime’s Sneaky Pete (a perfectly-made series with excellent acting from Giovanni Ribisi). Some things require patience and consistency, and really the entirety of Hulu’s executive charter should be those two words.

With the fate of “The Path” in the hands of the Hulu Executives, the whole fate of the streaming service may rest in the balance of. Netflix, Amazon, the emerging Google Play, and other newcomers are establishing their own niche’s to survive this new age – what’s yours, Hulu?